Saturday, January 21, 2012


the waves slap gently against the shore waking the sences
as the sun rises and gently warms the shore
natures beauty spreads untrapped by societys fences

billboards fade in the background as willow trees wave
and mighty pines bow in the wind to mother earth
blue grey clouds paint the sky causing the mind to crave

eagles are soaring guiding you back to rivers streaming
away from concrete creations and factorys blackening skys
bringing you home to sweet breezes and blue jays screaming

the chattering squirrels,scampering deer and rabbits grazing
the feel of wet mossy carpet and crackling branches
serendipidous waves of sounds and site all phrasing

surrender the clothed skin of chemealeon guizes
required postures and stances of inner city judgement
reach high breath deep bask in naked glorey as the sun rises

shout softly in harmoney with all that surrounds you
walk slowly with all that moves you
dream vividly of all that makes you

T.A.L jr

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