Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Sands of Time

the wind blows golden pellets of heat carving out a figure
spotted gaurdians pace as the sculpted body transforms
once dry granuals of earth morphed into soft mirages of beauty
a trick perhaps to the untrained eye look deeper still ..magic

she stretches her golden liquid body across the dune
testing the boundries of this new found transformation
an uncontrollable desire to reach across the plains
to touch all that can be seen to be touched by all that see's

a keeper of the sands of time now wanting to be kept
the silloutte of a child steeling a glance,deciefering reality
feeling the warmth of the desert wondering what tricks it plays
the dunes holding her beautiful form as the cheetahs pant

even the meerkat struggles with this vision
this goddess of sand and time naked before them
the steele wisdom of the great cats glance confirms
the open mind trancends,opening a new chapter

to believe what is seen to see what is believed
reaching out to feel what is or is not there
the child races to her side wanting to be held
looking down his hands fill with the sands of time


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