Tuesday, March 20, 2012

any street usa

fingers lose their grip on time and space
feet wander aimlessly with nothing to face
deep dark thoughts wreak the mind
as guilty conscious trys to unwind

street lamps glow as they mark the course
cracked sidewalks lead you to the source
shadows stretch and hunger looms
as you barter your dignity and open the tombs

money in hand we eat today as tomorrow we'll pay
the game is ancient the rules change night by day
to quit is to die to continue is certain death
i smile any way its all i know til my last breath

T.A.L jr

Saturday, January 21, 2012


the waves slap gently against the shore waking the sences
as the sun rises and gently warms the shore
natures beauty spreads untrapped by societys fences

billboards fade in the background as willow trees wave
and mighty pines bow in the wind to mother earth
blue grey clouds paint the sky causing the mind to crave

eagles are soaring guiding you back to rivers streaming
away from concrete creations and factorys blackening skys
bringing you home to sweet breezes and blue jays screaming

the chattering squirrels,scampering deer and rabbits grazing
the feel of wet mossy carpet and crackling branches
serendipidous waves of sounds and site all phrasing

surrender the clothed skin of chemealeon guizes
required postures and stances of inner city judgement
reach high breath deep bask in naked glorey as the sun rises

shout softly in harmoney with all that surrounds you
walk slowly with all that moves you
dream vividly of all that makes you

T.A.L jr

The Sands of Time

the wind blows golden pellets of heat carving out a figure
spotted gaurdians pace as the sculpted body transforms
once dry granuals of earth morphed into soft mirages of beauty
a trick perhaps to the untrained eye look deeper still ..magic

she stretches her golden liquid body across the dune
testing the boundries of this new found transformation
an uncontrollable desire to reach across the plains
to touch all that can be seen to be touched by all that see's

a keeper of the sands of time now wanting to be kept
the silloutte of a child steeling a glance,deciefering reality
feeling the warmth of the desert wondering what tricks it plays
the dunes holding her beautiful form as the cheetahs pant

even the meerkat struggles with this vision
this goddess of sand and time naked before them
the steele wisdom of the great cats glance confirms
the open mind trancends,opening a new chapter

to believe what is seen to see what is believed
reaching out to feel what is or is not there
the child races to her side wanting to be held
looking down his hands fill with the sands of time


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scents of Time

The wind whispers through time blowing a gentle scent of fresh cut hay
launching me back to my youth and the fields i use to play
A moments glimpse of innocents when life was a true adventure
way before it turned to complacency and heavy indenture  

Another soft caress floats by carrying the smell of lilacs blooming
Mental images of a teenage crush  a pang of lust still looming
Memory's of that first stolen kiss demulcent and warming  on my lips
as my mind  tried to go further spouting romantic little quips

Walking on thru scents of time my mind races with pictures past
Whirling at the thought of how life has moved so fast
Pangs of regret smothered by pieces of joy and bits of sorrow
Wondering as i walk what memories will be stirred tomorrow

T.A.L Jr.