Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Void

A broken heart floats on a crimson sea, taken out to a red abyss.
its bleeding
A vacant place, a void with in,  a longing that cant Be met
it's needing
arms are heavy almost numb,wanting to,yearning to
be reaching
the Eyre of the bone not fulfilling ,the empty space growing,
its leaching
hands no longer holding dying to be touching, dying 
to be touched
not finding, not feeling,not knowing yet the desire 
is to much

the mind is empty as it wanders, trys to ponder,the meaning
the reason for it all
as it spins through a celestial black pool, cascading into no where
destined for a fall
a space that once was full, once was joyful once excited to
greet the day
a life of promise, of hope and learning now lays stagnant
soaking in decay 

                                             T.A.L jr

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