Thursday, December 9, 2010


It is sad but true we live to die , but i believe that's when we fly
is it to the heaven's we go?or do we take natures hand and continue to grow?

its not in the ground that we shall stay, this is the time we truly play
we will be heard in the wind caressing the leaves, in the buzzing of the foraging bees

our voices will be loud in the waterfalls and louder still as the eagle calls
with every flower that reaches towards the sun,our faces will be seen having fun

with every doe that grazes in the field, our spirits will reign and never yield 
with every drop that falls from the Sky, with every tear that streams from an eye

the sun will warm a face with our love,our voices heard thru the sweet , sweet dove
the moon will light a path for a friend ,reminding them that our life will not end

so when a loved one passes and you need to be near, step outside I'm sure you will hear
the way they spoke and the laughter in their voice its a beautiful thing its natures choice

                                     T.A.L jr


  1. 2wolvz,
    A very sensitive and powerful poem.Nicely written.

    Glad to have found your poetry via Poets United.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. :) This is my favorite poem of yours, T. I love it. :)