Tuesday, January 11, 2011


the sound of shuffling feet play their sad song
 as a figure with faded dreams trudges along
once the king of the world pockets lined in silk
now barely a shadow in search of the ultimate bilk

opposite worlds collide as once was rich and snide
no longer looking up and over but down yearning to hide
thinking of three piece suits and caviar
realizing now that would be reaching to far

trash bins suffice when hunger screams aloud
while thoughts of when they'd have been to proud
curling up under an over pass to sleep and escape
while those that were he pass with expressions gape

T.A.L Jr. © 


  1. sad ... so sad-and greatly expressed,2wolvz

  2. 2wolvz,

    A common sight on every street, in every city in the world.
    We all walk on by.....
    Thank you for putting this into words, so well.