Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A River

A river runs gently caressing the sands, reaching out to touch the shore
her moods changing with every bend and turn, leaving you wanting more
as the wind blown tree's whisper their serenade to the purple sky
a dream of her dancing to the natural song occupies your inner eye

an innocent touch sends the heart screaming like the hawk that's free to glide
the sounds of the river cause butterflies to flutter from deep inside
beautiful rocks caressed and transformed with her soothing touch
the sweet smell ,the bubbling words sometimes seem to much

a journey of passion winding through the forest  to a never ending abyss
a rivers voice, a rivers touch, a rivers scent is what i miss
the soft nurturing flow of the river,  if only i were the sands and shore
id be fulfilled i would want no more

          by T.A.L jr.


  1. I am touched. It is beautiful. :)

  2. It is even more beautiful a month later. :)

  3. this is simply beautiful! flows deep and certain
    thank you

  4. Did you know it? You are a poet! I truly enjoyed reading this.