Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fly AwAy

well here i am , on a dark lit street
walking towards my usual beat
no one but strangers, at night i meet
hope they all want a piece of me
i don't know if ill ever find
what I've done with my soul
fly ..fly away i wanna fly away
fly.. fly away

I've been stopped by the law
but its not me that they saw
I've been cuffed,
I've been ruffed
but i keep on walking my usual beat
fly ..fly away i wanna fly away
fly.. fly away

well i keep dreaming of a guardian angel
with beautiful wings and a satin gown
i keep walking and i keep talking
hoping one day ill settle down
fly ..fly away i wanna fly away
fly.. fly away

 well i laid down for the very last time
sick of the hustle and the grind
close my eyes and there she came
a beautiful angel with wings on rain
fly ..fly away i wanna fly away
fly ..fly away with wings on rain

          T.A.L Jr


  1. 2wolvez,
    A very deep and thoughtful piece of writing.
    I enjoyed reading this poem very much.

    Best wishes for the holidays and glad to have found your wonderful words via Poets United.
    Eileen :)

  2. A deep piece that is even a better song. Get me a CD lets do something about getting you noticed. Your voice and words others need to hear. :)